Transforming Legal Department Efficiency in Banking

LegaVue is your all-in-one solution for addressing the critical responsibilities of your legal department in the banking sector. Our robust platform streamlines NPA management, enhances case handling, optimizes notice management, offers legal advisory services, and more.

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NPA Account Tracking

Efficiently track and manage each NPA (Non-Performing Asset) account in your portfolio.

Recovery Mechanism Support

Support various recovery mechanisms, including SARFAESI actions, court filings, settlements, and more.

Comprehensive Data Repository

Create a systematic and complete data repository of all recovery proceedings.

Integrated Account View

Get a comprehensive, integrated view of each NPA account, including recovery actions and their status.

Case Management

Seamlessly manage various types of cases filed by and against the bank in different courts.

Full Case Details

Cover all minute details throughout the entire life cycle of each case.

Case Analysis Tools

Analyze cases based on parameters like value, stage, court, advocate, and nature of the order.

Notice Management

Handle various types of notices, including General, Demand, Possession, Sale, and Auction notices.

Notice Tracking

Keep track of notice serving details, affixing details, and recipient responses.

Due Actions Reminders

Receive timely reminders for due actions such as case hearings and notice periods.

Knowledge Management

Manage key knowledge elements, including rules, amendments, acts, judgments, and standard templates.

Information Retrieval

Easily retrieve information through keyword searches and stay updated with circulars and notifications from relevant authorities.

Why Choose LegaVue?

Comprehensive Legal Solution

LegaVue offers a complete suite of tools to manage NPA accounts, cases, notices, and legal advisory services in a single platform, streamlining your legal department's operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

Our user-friendly interface and automation features simplify complex legal processes, saving time and resources for your legal team.

Customizable & Scalable

LegaVue can be customized to fit the specific requirements of your bank, and it scales effortlessly with your growing legal department.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights from data analytics and case analysis tools, enabling informed decision-making for your legal strategies.

Compliance Assurance

LegaVue keeps you up-to-date with legal regulations and provides access to key knowledge elements, ensuring your bank remains compliant at all times.

Seamless Communication

Foster efficient collaboration within your legal department and with external stakeholders, thanks to LegaVue's communication and document sharing features.

How It Works

1. Data Integration and Entry

To begin, users input essential data into LegaVue, including NPA account details, case information, and notice-related data. This can be done manually or through integration with existing bank systems, ensuring a seamless transfer of critical information.

2. Automated Processing and Management

Once data is within the system, LegaVue's intelligent algorithms take over. The platform automates key processes, such as tracking NPA accounts, managing cases, and issuing notices. Users benefit from automatic reminders, streamlined document management, and real-time status updates, simplifying their daily tasks.

3. Analytics and Insights

LegaVue's analytics and reporting capabilities provide users with valuable insights. By analyzing case data, recovery mechanisms, and legal actions, banks can make informed decisions to enhance their legal strategies, minimize risks, and maximize recoveries. These insights empower legal departments to stay agile and proactive.

Visualize Insights Your Way

Your data has stories to tell, and our custom visualizations are the storytellers. Create captivating graphs, charts, and interactive dashboards tailored to your unique needs. Visualize trends, comparisons, and correlations effortlessly, enabling you to communicate complex insights with ease. Empower your team to understand and act upon the data, driving collaborative decision-making and innovation.

Unlock Actionable Insights

Our advanced data analytics suite empowers you to unlock actionable insights from your data like never before. Whether you're dealing with sales figures, customer behavior, or market trends, our tools make sense of the numbers, revealing patterns and opportunities that drive growth. Dive deep into your data, make informed decisions, and lead your business towards success.

Collaborate for Success

Collaboration fuels innovation, and our collaborative analytics tools are designed to foster teamwork and knowledge sharing. Invite team members to analyze and interpret data together, regardless of their physical location. Benefit from real-time collaboration, feedback, and insights, all within a secure and controlled environment. Drive synergy among your team, leading to more comprehensive analyses and impactful outcomes.

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